Saturday, 13 December 2008

Joining the talk and drawing in translation

Thursday night, Laura was giving an artist talk in Toronto as I slept in Nottingham, but, as arranged, during her talk she called and I woke to say hello to a room full of people, who kindly returned my greeting.

Then as requested I described for them the view from my window.

I sat in the dark of my studio looking out on to the street. Its a view I often spend hours in front of, but not usually at this time of night. I described so that they could draw what I was seeing. My attention focused on the shapes and structures closest to me at first them moving back into the distance. The detail in this view was still clear as a result of the street lamps and a security light which highlight the shadows in an orange hue.

For the curious here is a photograph of the view I had.

Thank you to the distant audience who shared this moment of night watching with me.