Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Perfect Place to Meet Anywhere

This weekend we invite you to find the perfect place to meet; no matter where you are. We've created a set of directions that should help you get there.

1. Start at the train station, by the steps, facing the art centre. Here, turn right and walk to the end of the street.

2. Pass the bush with berries and sign of higher education.

3. Turn left, heading for what might be a library.

4. Pass the bird house and a drawing in rust. (At the junction look back the way you have come).

5. Keep going towards the building with rainbow colours on it. When you reach it, turn right.

6. Continue for approximately 561 steps, or past 14 hazard signs, or until you hit the bench on your left. Here, follow the railing down.

7. Now step on to softer ground and head for the blue; keep straight seeing the sky touch down to meet you.

These directions are written from real observations and places, but meant for open translation and creative interpretation. Have fun, explore and play!

Postcards are available at the Norwich Art Centre's Live Art event.
When you reach your final destination, use the
blank side to record where you are: the shapes, sounds, objects and textures or features that make up your surroundings.

Where will you arrive? How about your neighbour... or the stranger in another city?

If you are without a postcard, we encourage you to find record your findings in another creative way. Email ( or mail them to us (c/o 281 Margueretta St., Toronto ON, M6H 3S4), and we will share them here. If you send us your return address, you will also receive another journey from us.

Where will we meet?

Come back and see.