Monday, 11 February 2008

projects to date 2008

we are currently developing 2 new projects, whist continuing our climb skyward,
so we thought it would be useful to post a summary of our projects to date.

Current on going collaborative work
The climb in Nottingham and Toronto creating simultaneous performance presentations as we continue our climb to see each other over the horizon. our ambitious next step is to make it to 6.9 km up, a one hundredth of our grand total 699km (1km = 5000 steps climbed)

Encyclopaedic walk Banff in collaboration with Trudi Smith, ongoing text based work, under development to become an online project alongside three further texts for walking.

Exhibitions and Performances
To trail is not always to follow behind Sept-Oct 2007 presented during Walking and Art residency at The Banff Centre, Canada the process is archived online through this blog.

A sculptural map drawn with rope, initially wound around the perimeter of a studio space; the rope’s length representing a scaled version of the combined distances we have travelled to reach Banff. Gradually we unwound the rope from the wall to form peaks in the middle of the space representing our walks towards each other on the Marsh Loop. This height of the peaks was determined by how long it took us to meet, and the width of the base of each peak was determined by the number of steps we each took towards each other. This was our first work made in a singular location created during a Walking and Art themed residency at The Banff Centre, Canada.

The perfect place to meet: Banff Oct 2007 Banff Canada, text prints and performance walk.

From here to there in 19 directions Sept 2007 Walking life exhibition The Gladstone Hotel Toronto, Canada. These texts are directions are written from a walk taken in one location, that can be followed in any other – exploring the act of translating experiences and spatial relationships.

The climb- 3478 miles as the crow flies august 2007 performance walks Sept 2007 part of shifting ground, journeys across Nottingham and Toronto. Angel Row Gallery and Walking life exhibition The Gladstone Hotel Toronto, Canada

our ongoing attempt to climb high enough to see each other over the horizon we walk our cities climbing staircase to accumulate the height needed, 699 km up. during “The Climb” the audience joining us in this walk was asked to rediscover their home towns through our desire to climb stairs, this reframing of the city took us on new routes and to new locations, constructing a new perspective on familiar surroundings. This very physical experience was connected with a journey happening simultaneously across the ocean through telephone conversations, this interjection of their journey with ours created an imagined space but a very real connection. The next part of this work will take place this year. This performance walk and installation will mark our arrival at One Hundredth

The perfect place to meet: Toronto July 2007 a derive, a text and a performance walk. having always work at a distance, this piece was one of two works devised to potentially culminate in our first ever meeting in person. Both starting from Union station at 9.45am, not finding each other we both set out to find the perfect place to meet.

Working in proximity see you soon Toronto July 2007 site specific performance walk. this piece was devised around the street intersection that had first inspired our collaboration, the intersections of King and Queen Street. for this piece starting from opporsite intersections we set out to walk the loop until we met, leaving markers along the way.

3478 miles as the crow flies April 2007 performance installation Thingland studio and across Nottingham and Hub14 and across Toronto the culmination of walks taken for 5 hrs a day for 5 days, as we started our climb to see each other over the horizon.

Mind the map – Sept 2006 walking performance/documentary artist book of instructions shared and journeys taken.
Space in Translation - Intersection 06 July 2006 Installation at Bonington Gallery at Nottingham Trent University

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