Wednesday, 18 August 2010

En Route

Hello all! Over this past year, Sorrel and I have been in research and develop for both our collaborative and solo work. This will continue until next spring as we develop our latest collaborative project, City of Correspondence. From the city streets of Toronto, the harbour of Halifax, the sidewalks of Norwich and alleyways of Glasgow, we hope you'll follow our journey.

This past month I followed the same directions Sorrel followed to find her way in Norwich (Sunday April 19, 2009 entry). This is where they led me in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

1. Start at the right-hand side of the train station, by the steps, facing the art centre. Here, turn right and walk to the end of the street.

2. Then, pass the bush with berries on it and a sign of higher education.

3. Next, turn to your left follow the street towards the large building that might be a library.

4. Pass the bird house and a drawing in rust. At the junction look back the way you have come.

5. Walk towards the building with rainbow colours on it. When you reach it, turn right.

6. Continue for approximately 561 steps, or past 14 hazard signs, or until you hit the bench on your left. Here, follow the railing down.

7. Now step on to softer ground and head for the blue; keep straight seeing the sky touch down to meet you.

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