Monday, 24 September 2007

to trail is not always to follow behind - beginning

We arrived ladden with rope filled bags from our home town.
Laura: It was lunch time. I was hungry and glad to put my bags down. I arrived first.
Sorrel: I arrived second. The sun was out the ground scorched and the mountains bare dry black-grey rock reaching up around me.

Our aim is to see the combined distance we have traveled to get here.

Laura: 2810.60 km
Sorrel: 6915.34 km
Total: 9726.02 km

We will represent this distance with climbing rope. We collected the rope from Nottingham, Toronto and Banff. Next, we discovered how much rope we had gathered.

Our total length of rope: 778 meters and 8 centimeters (plus some small bits we chose not to count).

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