Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Testing the trails

We will begin at opposite ends of a trail and walk towards each other-- recording the time, distance traveled and number of steps taken by each of us before we meet; repeating this walk towards each other and using the measurements recorded (time, distance, steps) to formulate the dimensions of our rope installation. On Saturday we decided to test out three possible looped trails: Loop 1- Part of the 'Hoodoo Trail' combined with a stretch of Tunnel Mountain Drive to circle the base of Tunnel Mountain; Loop 2: 'The Marsh Loop'; Loop 3: 'Fenland Trail.' Each provided us with very different and inspiring terrain and viewpoints.

1 comment:

Nick & Ce said...

Loop 1 sounds the most interesting; but there again I haven't got a lot to go on!! I'm sure you'll choose the right one anyway.

That really IS quite a lot of rope to have lugged several thousand Kms! Hope you get to use it all.