Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Blog Project #3: Translation Drawing

Ask someone who is far away to turn to face you(North, South, East, West, this can be precise or wherever they imagine that to be). Then ask them to describe for you in words their view. As they talk, draw what they describe (we recommend drawing on hardback envelopes, or postcards). When you have finished ask them to do the same for you. To complete the exchange post your drawings back to one another.

This is long distance drawing is a connecting process of translation and interpretation, that we used during the Re:::lay performance walks.
The outcome being a view/drawing created more from the observations and articulations of the person describing and the interpretations of the person drawing, than simply the landscape itself.

If you want to send us photographs the drawings you create as jpeg's via email: sorrelandlaura@gmail.com we would love to see them and share them here on the blog.