Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Re:::lay London to Sheffield

"The distance between you is from your fingers to your heart and back again then half way, at a scale of 1:100,000"

Our journey recollected:
Re:::lay London to Sheffield began in 2 places at 11am taking 9 moves and 9 exchanges.

A bound uphill, our route defined by leaf fall.
A defiant stride along the center of the road as we move away from the pavements.
A big view offered - a Conker not found - but a tree befriended.
A shadow and an animal exchanged for a small and big road.
A sprint past the rubbish and a baby.
From your fingers to your heart, back again and half way; Martin to Ruth measured out on a yellow brick wall.
A search for old men revealed many who defy the suggestion of their greying hair and lined faces with a confident stride or peddle power.
A building with a poster on it to Martin's local video shop = London to Sheffield at a scale of 1step =1km
A reach - a turn - and a feeling shared.