Monday, 1 October 2007

Wolves and Cougars and Bears oh my!

well at least that's what my imagination was seeing amongst the trees, in fact I have only really had close encounters with deer, squirrels and yellow throats(sparrow-like small yellow bird).
this doesn't seem to have made any difference to my fear of walking alone.
each creak of the trees, or turn in the path my heart pumps in anticipation of the encounter ahead. all the logic, advice and statistics of the slim chance of ever meeting one of these animals doesn't seem capable of over powering the mysterious movements and sounds of the landscape, or maybe its just all those fairy tales set in the woods.
Laura doesn't have the same sense of anxiety although the accumulating stories of cougars seem to have touched the odd hair on her neck!
so which trail will we journey?
trail 2 the Marsh Loop has won our attention, it is just 2km and travels round a marsh in the Banff Valley, the marsh is fed by the hot streams running from Sulphur Mountain the path roams round its edge, along the Bow River and through the trees to the edge of the wildlife corridor and the cave and basin hot springs. this will be our loop.
we will set off in opposite directions and walk until we meet; recording the time it takes and the step we have each taken to reach each other.
more to come ... sorrel

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