Friday, 19 October 2007

The First Cuts

As you can see, the first cuts were a little painful as we dismantled and began to transform our piece, but what a knife and a blowtorch can do-- but it became quite satisfying as the hot knife cut through our rope like it was butter. beginning to see our new landscape take shape was exciting too. Peaks/peeks to come...
P.S. Necessary tools for landscape building a la Sorrel and Laura:
-hammer, sticky dots, sharpie, limestone rocks, dollar store knife (with a wooden handle), blowtorch, tape measure, lots of black thread, trolley, Sorrel's keys, key rings, fishing wire, cup hooks, 'the maths', a calculator (or Sorrel's mobile), a long nail, tall ladder, Laura's jean pouch, pen or pencil, scissors, highlighter, office chair and lots of coffee (or chocolate for a treat).


Nick & Ce said...

"The first cut is the deepest ... la la la ...."

Good to see that the erosion has begun!! Looking forward to peaks and troughs etc. to come.

Don't let the 0 comments on a posting fool yer ... I'm sure you have many happy readers of your imaginative exploits. It's a shame blogs don't seems to record viewings like most forums do.

celia said...

Celia says - Coffee and chocolate -sounds like a delicious piece - there could be a lot of peaks in this installation!!

sorrel said...

thank you for your messages,the build has been going well despite the mathematical challenges, (not the triangulation as you might think, but the unusual geography of the ceiling which we discovered has its own set of angles, peaks and troughs!)

each walk has its own character revealed in the height and breadth of the peaks. as our pace and curiosity varied in each walk.
i am about to add some more pictures and stories from our trails

lots of love sorrel