Monday, 1 October 2007

A pinch, a rest, a landscape of meeting...

Rigging the rope almost became a reenactment of the distance we traveled to get here--taking us almost 16 hours.

Number of metres we have collectively traveled to meet in Banff: 9,726,020
Number of metres of rope used to represent this distance traveled using a 1:175,000 metre scale: 555.8
Number of hours Sorrel spent traveling to Banff: 13 and a 1/4
Number of hours Laura spent traveling to Banff: 6 and a 1/4
Number of hours spent in our studio reconstructing our distance traveled in rope: 16
Number of visits to the hardware store for materials: 3
Number of nails the rope is resting on: 505
Number of individual ropes used to accumulate the distance: 27
Number knots used to tie the ropes from Nottingham, Toronto and Banff together: 27
Number of climb centres we collected used rope from: 3
Number of metres in the longest rope: 61.38
Number of metres in the shortest rope: 2.68
Number of bent nails we were unable to use: 2
Number of circuts around the room: 18


Anonymous said...

Love the "number of bent nails". Didn't mention number of "broken fingernails", "bruised knees" or "aspirin taken". JUst love reading your adventures and keep a look out for those bears and cougars. Love always Auntie R

Sorrel and Laura said...

Bruised knees--yes. I'll have to take pictures of those. Thankfully no asprin necessary for this bit.

As a side note, I should add, we 'a pinch' and 'a rest' (mentioned in the title of this entry) were terms Sorrel and I started to use with each other as we were building the first phase of the installation. 'A pinch' when we wanted to pinch two ropes between each other with a nail, and 'a rest' when we needed to add a nail below a rope to take weight, for it to rest on. Other terms that have since become part of our 'shared language' with this piece: the diagonal, the return, excess and key-drop.
more soon...Laura