Tuesday, 16 October 2007

It starts with the toss of a coin, The Marsh Loop as walked by Sorrel

Standing at the dividing point where our trail begins, Laura throws the penny to decide which way I will take, left or right?... Our journey begins ...We part and head towards each other around the marsh...
If you would like to know the stories behind these pics then let us know and we will be happy to share our tales.


Celia said...

I love these photos. Full of atmosphere. what an incredible landscape to be working in -you are so lucky!!

sorrel said...

it got better and better, each journey round the loop seem to reveal more and more, as we described the side we went each walk was dictated by the toss of a coin, but after a while we seem to always be going the same way and this began to build a sense of us each having our own side of the trail, mine was the side with the board walks, the telescope, pine cover hill side and the sulphur mountain wildlife corridor, laura's was the side with the river and the reflective pool and what we began to call the beach. but sure enough as we had begun to settle into this routine it was turn on its head and after our 15th walk i never got to walk my side again!
i have lots of tails to tell, so i will put them on the main page