Friday, 26 October 2007

Our last day of walking to meet

Thank you to Elinor Whidden for joining us to document our journeys (taken during our 16th and 17th walks).


Nick & Ce said...

What happend to all that snow? .... looks like summer there now!!

Enjoy your studio open day, and the accompanied walk on Sunday.

Sorrel and Laura said...

wow that was quick, we are still trying to work out how to show you all the changes that we witnessed on our walks, but yes, it really warmed up. we found that the weather really impacted on our walks, especially the amount of sunshine. On one of the walk days it was quite dull and over cast, this was the one day we both found our progress slow, laboured and were uninspired by what was around us. luckily this was a one off day of dreary weather and all our final walks were in full sun.
we must get on with prepping words for the open studio now
take care, love
sorrel and laura