Tuesday, 9 October 2007


The second phase of our project involves us taking walks towards each other beginning at the same point on the Marsh Loop and walking in opposite directions, collecting the number of steps we each take and the time it takes to meet. After five walks we took this information back to the studio to transform the rope into a series of peaks, creating a new landscape built through our walks on the trail (the time denoting the height and the steps denoting the width). After 5 rotations, steps counted, times recorded, eager to build...
we trip and stumble and after a small bump on the head we come up with a fresh perspective and a new plan - we must start again!!!!!



Kate said...

Hi Sorrel and Laura
The rope is really beautiful, it's such a cool way of representing your travels and crazy that it took you almost as long to put up as to both travel to Banff.
I was thinking last night (a great yoga distraction!) that this is a really poignant piece for me because so much of my life seems inextricably bound up and tied to canada. First my mother's family and now my husband's. It's like no matter how much I try to be apart from Canada I'm still tied to it in a very definite way. The rope is a really good symbol of that.
Wish I could be there to see it. But it's great to be able to see how it's all progressing on your blog. We'll be close next week, well much closer than now - but not quite close enough!
Enjoy the snow :)
Love Kate xxxx

eltoro said...

Hi Sorrel and Laura,
It looks like you are both working really well. I particularly like the rope piece, it made me dizzy watching the video ;-) Look forward to seeing more. All the best


sorrel said...

thank you for your messages
the rope has been a fantastic material to work with,as well as being full of all the wonderful metaphors for journeys and stories and building links, this rope was also full of character, the bends and twists in each rope made working with it feel like a really sculptural process. we also got really excited about how the colours have a similar look to geological maps of the mountains.
we have been taking lots of walks and have begun transforming the rope for the next phase of the installation... picture soon
cheers sorrel
p.s have fun on your canada hol kate i think its still hot in toronto
xx sorrel

Anonymous said...

Celia says: Love the ropes video - a beautiful landscape in itself. How great that you are getting to do this in the snow - all the footprints - eh? even more tracks and traces. Deep sympathy over the maths!! But they make great images!
Much love, c x

Laura said...

Hi Celia,
Actually, the pictures of us in the snow are a little deceiving... they were taken on Burstall Pass, a 16km hike we participated in with the other 'Walking and Art' residency folk, a challenging knee-deep snow trudge up the rock-face of a mountain that we felt accurately reflected our exhaustion towards math and beginning again; luckily the view (for Sorrel) was worth it (for Laura on the other hand it just reminder her of impending months of winter weather). anyways, our Marsh Loop is very muddy (sometimes as deep as the snow was that day), and full of prints (foot, paw, hoof, wheel, etc.). Your note reminds us that we should put our pics very soon to share with you all. Please check back.
With love,
Sorrel and Laura

ps--Sorry for any sea sickness caused by the video-- the site unfortunately will only hold short clips-- so we went fast!