Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Your View

With our on-the-ground work for Re:::lay started, we're turning back to the web to open up this project with you! We're inviting you to join us in exploring new and playful ways of experiencing distance and space while connecting with others.

Starting today, in conjunction with Re:::lay, we will regularly be posting questions and activities for all of us to respond to and share (we're calling them 'Blog Projects').

Check back regularly to see the latest postings. We're looking forward to your replies and the correspondence that unfolds.

Happy exploring and best wishes,
Sorrel and Laura

Blog Project #1: Your View

Describe your view of the horizon line from your window. Make note of the time and place where you write this. Then, share your description with someone you know who lives far away (this definition is up to you). Ask them to reply back with their own view.

Share a copy of your response(s) as a comment below.


sweetie pie press said...

it is 10:19pm and i am in a motel in bedford, pennsylvania.

from my window, i see the big red awning over the gas bar at a 'sheetz' gas station through the fence around the motel's neglected pool. to the left there is a line of glowing spheres at the top of another motel fence.

Anonymous said...

Gray sky, high rises, huge cranes for development; a well worn and rusted band saw edge.

Downtown Chicago, River North facing west - 10/15/08, 11:19 AM

B. Averett

D. Bobiwash said...

Overcast, light rain, winds form the south, south west, colours on the tress are beautiful, wooden fence that runs along the house across from the view...

D. Bobiwash
Today at 3:00am

Laura said...

two drums loom over the peaks of dark rooftops, outlined by a splash of pink light from behind. a fourth rooftop in the line is barely visible against the night sky. not a star in sight.

Nottingham, 9:11pm