Friday, 24 October 2008

Part 2: Mik- Walker to the Destination

"The next set of directions have been devised for you by Laura walking in Edinburgh for you to follow here, as you find each landmark I will pass on the next direction. Mike has the same number of directions based on a walk i took in Nottingham, for him to follow in Edinburgh."

"We have left space on the page of the first directions for you to record the instructions I pass on. At the end of this journey we will send these to Mike, returning the route to Edinburgh."

Walk for Mik

"7. Walk to the end of the street leaving the sculptures behind you, where the garden begins turn left."

"8. Head straight past the bush with berries and a sign of higher education."

"9. Once you see three blue doors cross and head down hill (or right)"

"10. At the next driveway (after the rushing water) cross the road and follow the sidewalk left towards the patch of green."

"11. Pass the hall of mirrors and the master of the universe."

"12. Where the road zig zags turn right, looking for animals."

"13. .Keep straight till you hit the circle in the road cross left and head right."

"14. At the candy junction where the penny whistle stands cross right passing the trophy of honor and broken fence."

"15. At the next roundabout head for the houses and past two guards."

"16. Walk to the end of the wall covered in green and then hang right, when the wall opens up to show the sky you know you are close."

"17. Step on to softer ground and head for the blue; keep straight seeing the sky touch down to meet you."

For Mik, "the place where the sky touches down to meet you," was clearly the brow of the hill ahead of us on Mansfield Road. As we reach the brow, the sky itself stepped back to the new horizon beyond, but a church and grave yard took its place, maintaining the points connection with the sky (heavens).

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