Friday, 24 October 2008

Part 2: Mike- Walker to the Destination

"My role will be as your hands, your documentor. Whatever is collected or recorded we will send to Mik, so if you see or think of something you would like to pass on to him, let me know."

(phrases passed on)

"The next set of directions have been devised by Sorrel walking in Nottingham for you to follow here. After we find each landmark I will pass on the next direction."

(documenting security cameras)

"This set of directions will also be sent to Mik at the end of the journey, returning them to Nottingham."

Walk for Mike

"7. At the corner of the street bear left and head towards the autumn leaves."
"8. Cross the road you are on and keep going towards the shops with covered windows."
"9. Pass two signs that tell you how to behave."
"10. Head towards the building with rainbow colours on it; at the building turn right."
"11. Pass the marker of time we are both divided by and bound to."
"12. Now survey your surroundings for the tallest building in view; keep walking til you put it behind you."
"13. Follow the yellow lines uphill."
"14. At the crossroads (a system not designed by pedestrians), cross the road carefully."
"15. Now you want to take the slab stone pavement uphill passing a chicken and an old horses head."
"16. You are almost there-- take the next street left and left again and head for the red and gold sign."
"17. Take the next stairs down to your picnic bench. Here you'll notice birds fly constantly overhead. Sit and drink in your surroundings."

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Anonymous said...

Will this become an annual walk
for the two participants? Or perhaps the same route during a different season...different colours or textures to record?

Just a thought.