Sunday, 19 October 2008

The meeting point; Re:::lay Nottingham : Edinburgh

Last night we contacted Mike and Mik to arrange our starting point with each of them for the Re:::lay performance-walk today. Here are the instructions we gave them:

We will meet at 3pm. I will be waiting at the right-hand side of the train station, by the steps, facing the arts centre. I will be wearing jeans, a black jacket, a brightly coloured scarf and have a blue umbrella. If you can't see me call. We will not be traveling by train; it's best to wear shoes comfortable for walking. (If it's raining I will have an umbrella for you too.)

From here our journey begins...


the muggers said...

I think you should have given him a bizarre code question to ask you, to make it feel like he's starring in a bond film!

Anonymous said...

How many rainbows will all of you see along your journey?
Are the colours different?