Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Re:::lay begins

With Laura now in the UK, we have begun to build our first Re::lay performances. We will be working with three pairs of individuals in long-distance relationships across the UK (between Nottingham and Edinburgh; London and Sheffield; Bethesda and Nottingham).

We are creating journeys for our participants to experience as a performance, that is uniquely devised for their relationship. To do this we will be getting to know them a bit better, initially through a few conversations via email and phone (the staple tools of any long distancer), then taking time to explore their local areas on foot, and finally writing journeys for them to experience when we meet them in person. Each Re:::lay performance will take place in two separate locations simultaneously. Beginning at the same time, each participant will walk with one of us in their home town. This is a new process for us-- intimate performances that have a direct relationship with their participants.

We are charting our travels and recording our process here over the next month and will also feature performance documentation. We hope this will give readers/viewers/ participants better insight into our work. We welcome you to add comments and pose any questions the work may stir up.

If you will be in the cities and towns we are visiting, and would like to meet with us or see more of our work firsthand please let us know.

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