Friday, 10 October 2008

Directions in Nottingham

Much of the work Sorrel and I will be doing this month involves on-site research in different cities at the same time; navigating unfamiliar places on our own, alone. There is a sense of wonder, curiosity and alertness that comes with being in an unfamiliar place that I revel in: the experience of discovering what is around a corner for the first time and following instinct rather than routine. There is also a sense of vulnerability and disorientation that comes with being in an unfamiliar place that can be rather frightening. The work that Sorrel and I create thrusts us into situations that are unfamiliar-- that challenge is also the inspiration.

This is my first trip out of North America (for someone who loves mapping and walking-- I definitely have a lot of territory to cover).

Over the last two days in Nottingham, Sorrel has helped me test my 'homing instinct' by taking me into the city centre, following different routes, and having me lead us back home at the end of the day. I've accumulated a set of directions I'm going to try to recite here from memory. Many of the references are based on my first impressions of the spaces, others based on people I noticed in certain places. My landmarks and route may change over the course of my stay here. I'll keep you posted.


1. At the building with the clock tower, turn left. You should be heading uphill.
2. Keeping to the left, pass the bag shop.
3. Pass the tightly-packed gravestones.
4. Pass the beech stop.
5. Pass the pub with an animal in its name.
6. After the star bar and before the big store turn left.
7. Head straight along Egypt with the two-toned sidewalk.
8. Pass the spot where the kid yelled 'Moooooom!', then take the next left.
9. Walk to the end of the street, stopping at number 13 (the second-last door on your left). Home.

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Anonymous said...

hi Laura
this is great but don't forget you need to be facing the clock before you start otherwise "left" will lead you astray!
happy journeys