Saturday, 18 October 2008

to start with a question...

The first Re:::lay 1:1 performance will take place tomorrow 19/10/08, in Edinburgh and Nottingham with Mike and Mik. The journey and performance has been created specifically for their long distance relationship and the locations they are in (Edinburgh and Nottingham). To help us devise this piece, we started with this set of questions for each of them to respond to:

1. For you, what is a long distance relationship?

2. When did distance become part of this relationship?

3. How do you stay connected?

4. How much distance is there between you?

5. What does distance add?

6. What does distance take away?

7. What keeps it going?

8. Do you have a significant location you associate with your relationship - this might be the place you met or the place where you communicate from now, a place that reminds you of the other, etc. If so, where is it?

9. When was the last time you saw each other and, when you did, what did you do?

Their answers inspired the structure and dynamic for the piece. Check back for more details soon!

Sorrel and Laura

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