Friday, 24 October 2008

Destination Point and Translation Drawing

When Mik and Mike each reached their destination points, we put them in touch with one another by phone, asking them to describe the view of their surroundings as the other translated their words into a drawing. At the end of the performance-walk, each drawing (made on the outside of the envelope used to mail the transcriptions, numbers, stories, and artifacts collected during the journey) was sent to the other.

"Mike, we've reached our destination. You've found The Linconshire Poacher in Edinburgh."

The directions/ score passed on to Mike to follow were created on a journey from Walker St. in Nottingham to the patio of The Linconshire Poacher (a significant meeting place for Mik and Mike when they both lived in Nottingham). When following them in Edinburgh, they led us to a picnic table outside a place called The Black Bull.

The directions/ score passed on for Mik to follow were based on a walk from Edinburgh's Waverley station (the last place where Mik and Mike saw one another) to Cramond Beach (another place of siginificance for the friends).

Two days following the performance, just before I left Edinburgh, I met with Mike at the train station again. He had just received the package from Mike's performance-walk with Sorrel. We decided to return to the picnic table outside The Black Bull to open it. This is where these last few pictures are taken.

Mik, let us know when you receive yours too.
Thanks to both for sharing your experiences and stories with us.

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